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Condominiums in Naples: A Luxury Home on the Beach Front

Author: Kimberly Zuponcic

Naples, Florida is a dream destination for any prospective real estate buyer. The Gulf of Mexico lies adjacent to the city. The sun kissed beaches, the sand, the surf, and the innumerable shopping and dining options all combine to make it a thriving real estate market. So if you are looking for properties in Naples, then why not choose the best of them. Condominiums in Naples, Florida are very impressive and make for a valuable investment option. Most of the condos in Naples are located on the beach. If a beach property seems to be out of bounds, consider the ones that are located close by. The developers in the area are looking to expand and build up the area in order to fulfill the growing demand for homes.

There are several reasons that make Naples, Florida a budding real estate market. The city is currently expanding and the property prices are on the rise with each passing day. You can expect profitable returns if you invest in condos for sale in Naples. It is a popular tourist destination and there is always a demand for property rentals. Tourists prefer staying in condominiums in Naples, Florida to staying in a hotel as it gives a feel of a home away from home. Of course, the feel of the ocean in the privacy of your condo is a different experience altogether.

Originally a small fishing village, Naples has undergone a complete transformation to become one of the most upscale cities in this part of the country. In fact, it is often regarded as the Palm Beach of the West Coast of Florida. Once just seen as a tourist destination, it now boasts of art galleries, restaurants, shopping malls, golf courses, health care facilities, and museums. If you are a golf enthusiast, then Naples is surely a great bet for you. There are more than 40 golf courses in the city, most of them located in the Marco Island region. What is more, the good weather, freshwater and saltwater fishing options and the scope for water sports makes it one of the most favored destinations for buying a home. This fact has been corroborated by several opinion polls and surveys in which Naples, Florida has emerged as one of the ideal destinations for real estate investment.

Even when the real estate market has been through its worst, the sale of condominiums in Naples, Florida has hardly dwindled. Areas in the city like Pelican Marsh and Pelican Bay are still the top draws amongst prospective buyers. This is reflected by the fact that the number of homes that are listed does not remain the same for long. The popularity of the market can also be attributed to the fact that the prices of properties are relatively less than the Miami or Miami Beach real estate market.

The best way to find condominiums for sale in Naples, Florida is to consult an experienced realtor in the area. They are aware of the properties that are up for sale and can assist you to get the best deals.

About the author:
Kimberley Zuponcic is a realtor in Naples, Florida. To view more about me visit my website.